I'm a Chicago-based graphic designer, blending my love for simple and clean design with modern and unexpected twists. I strive to find balance between professional and fun, traditional and contemporary, and functionality and aesthetics.

I have a strong background in print design, specializing in large-format and environmental graphics, and have worked in the industry for five years cultivating professional relationships. I believe my previous experience in the customer service industry has allowed me to better understand my clients' needs and communication styles and has made me a stronger designer. I also have a growing interested and skill set in other areas of design as well, including digital and event design.

I approach each new project differently. After carefully listening to my client, I assess their needs and create a timeline that allows me to effectively complete projects that we can all be proud of.

Part-time music lover, DIY weekend warrior, creative cowboy, cat wrangler, urban explorer and full-time dreamer.

Download my resume here.